Hi, my name is Kristina Astrid Sidaway! My favorite color is pink, I’ve traveled to 13 countries, I love video games and am an avid theme park enjoyer!

I am a graphic designer and am skilled in the Adobe and Microsoft Suites, 3D modeling software, and much more. I have successful written and verbal communication skills, ability to multi-task and prioritize projects dependent on deadlines. I have a very strong attention to detail on projects and experienced organization skills. I believe working in groups is not only fun but really important – being able to listen to others and communicate successfully helps to motivate and resolve any conflicts that may arise. 

Most importantly, I am a very sociable individual with a positive outlook in any situation. I always try to make others around me feel welcome and important, making sure they feel apart of the group dynamic. I will always bring a smile and positive attitude to the group!